your bankruptcy partner

your bankruptcy partner

Individual voluntary arrangement or IVA is a debt solution, which was introduced by the Government in 1986. It is a legally binding agreement between an individual and his creditors / s. It enables an individual monthly payments to the lender / s, which is set for five years. It is an alternative for personal bankruptcy, and yet it is less harmful when compared to bankruptcy.

IVAs are for unsecured debt, which an individual such as personal loans, overdrafts, credit cards and debit cards. Secured loans such as hire purchase agreements and mortgages are not included in an IVA. It is without doubt a better solution than personal bankruptcy, since they do not dissolve partnership and allows an individual to act as head of a company. Unlike in bankruptcy, an independent contractor does not report on his financial situation at individual voluntary arrangement disclosed.

Bankruptcy affects the reputation of a Individual, and can cost a worker his job. The individual voluntary arrangement is not for the task of an individual as it is a private agreement between a person and unsecured creditor / s. It is quite normal even change their jobs, while going through individual voluntary arrangement or IVA. But it is important to remember that to remember that to increase if the new job pays more than the last one then the monthly installments are required to.

Many people lose their jobs because the to expel most of the professional institutes and associations, people who have gone bankrupt. It leads to loss for these people than their professional reputation is through the Bankruptcy smeared. However, employees and partners who are in IVA, saw more tolerant of their colleagues and company. They suffer only mild sanctions, disciplinary action, which much better than immediate disqualification.

IVAs are only provided by licensed insolvency practitioner. So stay in touch with the creditor, it should be necessary to make changes in your individual voluntary arrangement. The creditors expect a debtor to pay back as much as possible, monthly.

People who choose an IVA will not lose their jobs, but they want to have problems, loss of control over their spending. During an IVA the individual must follow a rather small budget is usually determined by the creditor / s. A further disadvantage of the IVA that after the five-year term the payment, the IVA will affect the credit of the person making the loan or mortgage is at first a little difficult.

The main reason why some people voluntary agreement is to keep control of their homes, as opposed to the bankruptcy. It is also a major reason for people to choose IVA over bankruptcy the fear of losing their jobs.

Individual Voluntary Agreement or IVA is a good solution for getting rid of the debt, since it is a private Agreement which does not affect the reputation. People who are in IVA, do not lose their jobs or partnerships, they just have to adjust her lifestyle to make. Although it touches complete the merit of the person of the duration of the IVA is that it does not lead to loss of jobs.

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