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Why are lawyers threatened legal / bankruptcy petition creator of a WHO Paralegals do as good work, eh?

My friend (an ABA Certified Paralegal and Bankruptcy Petition Preparer) had never returned a petition for changes or because of deficiencies. But now a U.S. Trustee imay Sue her, because she says my friend is to intervene on the profession of the law and is engaging in the Unauthorized Practice of Law. (She has at least 36 of them in the last year or so prepared. (No errors). She charges a minimum fee (never more than 100.00) you will not, on legal advice. She has written information most of which she is here on line (which they ) Read. Since when is the provision of a means test (found online here) legal? What's wrong with these lawyers? I went with her three times in Bankruptcy Court, the lawyers made more errors than some of the petitiioners Pro SE. But the trustees treated them (lawyers) with kid gloves. Looks to me like they are trying to Paragraphs from the business running. And who, pray tell, willl take care pettitioners can not afford lawyers?

I call the Bar Association a guild … and that is what it is, a trade guild. You do not want anyone not to do the guild that will work. And they lobby for laws to reflect this.

What Debts Cannot Be Discharged In Bankruptcy?

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