top bankruptcy firms

top bankruptcy firms
I can not find a lawyer in New York City, a good job. Can someone help me?

I do not expect someone to get a job at estimated a silver platter, but good ideas would be too. I graduated from a top school, but it was from the state and therefore non-existent in New York lawyers. I had Grade point average and awards for public service. CSO My school is useless, can only find work in St. Louis, and hear not from New York City. I work as a temp attorney for several years to pay the bills, but now I feel I have as a "temp label" and therefore untouchable. The work does not marketable experience. I do not see a big company or a related company, ADA. I know this is not likely. I do not expect a 100 grand a year. A job I want to be able to pay me for my student loans and rent. If I'm already I try to bankruptcy for so much of my other debts, as I explain can. I want to get a job that teaches me something, or, in others words, investing in me. I have no connections in New York. Any ideas?

Okay, take You take a deep breath. I'm in the same boat, so I have an idea of how you feel. The last thing you need to hear after a few years trying to is cheering, you change the setting. There is a reason the rate of alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide is high among the lawyers. It is Hard to believe the golden goose that seems to society, it is. As you probably know now, you have the training and it is hard to get, like a lawyer outside the very large companies and public service law (DA, PD, legal aid, government) and the jobs are not very easy to get. Without training, you are stick to temp and you will never get an experience that no medical, no pension, no security. I work as a temp and I am working on but, yes, every year I'm from work for a few months. And then, when you work, you are not entitled to make holiday plans if you want to lose your job. You cann't make plans Weekends to 10 clock on Friday! If you went to school out of state, you probably paid full price and owes a couple hundred grand. I went to a top state school also and I said during the interview that I would have been better to go from a third or fourth tier law school locally than going to a top state school out. Law is that the local. And our license is only good in one state, and it takes months to obtain a license from the state. As one of the responses noted need It has a network and a crappy local school probably a large local network, while not from a top state school. Okay, these are the bad things! Lets move on constructively. You need experience and you will not receive as a temp. Of all the places where you will receive it (DA, PD, Large companies you do not) been set, if you are in their 2nd School year and in the top ten of the class and on Law Review and you're local to New York and you have a relationship with the company. I tell You something that you do not know. If you do not mind I suggest bankruptcy, a legal job. In New York Legal Aid is not enough to cover rent and two hundred grand in student loans with little money for food. It's a crappy job, and everyone knows, but it is a certain amount of experience you can then use to create a Job in a company will receive one years down the road. It is a hard road but you'll be in a better place than a year from now. When I think of something, I will to be updated. I feel for you. No one understands or is preparing for the New York legal market.

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