take bankruptcy off credit report

take bankruptcy off credit report
How do I check whether a bankruptcy from my credit report?

I had a bankruptcy discharge of debts in November 1998 in New York. I was told one of the time it would drop off my credit report in 7 years, but it's still there. I know I have to write to the company, I need to write all 3? What Information, I must offer them? Thank you!

you get a free report a year. If you have been given credit for, you can reject another. You can annualcreditreport.com and look at all three offices. You can deny all the items on line that you do not have anything or call any mail. sometimes miss things you need to get just let them know and they are to fix it. If you dispute the item they will ask a few questions and it is a box for you to explain why the neg argue. Article. You will receive a confirmation number for the dispute of any office. You will need to re-check these numbers with them. sends You an e-mail about the progress of the case and you receive an e-mail address to receive the results.

Bankruptcy Questions : How to Get a Bankruptcy Off Your Credit Report

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