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Mind you, my question is not about someone pay our mortgage every month, or even adjusting our loan documents reflect the current value of my house. Nope. All my husband (who I refer to as "Nick" from now on) and I had was the question a little more just to drop our payments and help us each month. Whether it be by stretching the length of our loan or by sending us a short time, patience. Before we default. Before we forced ourselves to leave our home.

Let me briefly our situation: when we got our loan in November 2003, we had been living with my father-in-law at home for more than 18 months. It was time to get our own house. By the time I had an eBay Store That was pliable me about $ 1,800.00 per month through the sale of articles, which I imported directly. My Man had a steady job and we found a "nice" agents, we were eager to find a loan.

The fact that we lived in Sacramento will not help at the time. The greater Sacramento was a well-inflated market that we have been forced away for houses more than 40 miles from Nick's job, which was bad enough but my husband was willing to sacrifice and the hard commute in exchange for a lower price house.

When the going became harder (ie, rising gas prices, higher Grocery expenses, eBay lost their benefits, the dollar fell, etc.), we have what we could. Nick began 50 hours per week, we had our phones and Premium-cut channels, our food trips from once a month never to discuss the existence of cinema and film distribution and basically learned to live more economically than previously forgotten. However, we were dependent on credit cards to help us pay for food.

That's basically our story I am aware, is not unique. Eighteen months after Nick started 50 hours per week, his employer cut his overtime. to deprive After a long struggle to pay Paul, we had no other choice than bankruptcy register. It was emotional and very hard to make a decision. We acted in good faith all along the way and was basically the struggle for nothing.

Last month We have contacted Countrywide. The company had a substantial part of the rescue operation and Nick and I thought we would finally get a break. We gave them information about our financial situation – which had not improved greatly after the bankruptcy, as our payment mortgage eats a whopping 63% of our monthly earnings. They finally contacted us last week – over a month later – and refused us any help. For the first time in five years, we were late in our payment of a day, the 150.00 meant a fine of $. A fine, the Countrywide refused to renounce, even after our financial situation and our payment performance given.

In the meantime, The CEO of Countrywide, Angelo Mozilo, justifies its multi-year multi-million dollar bonuses and benefits, because he started "on the company from the ground," easy to forget, that it was not for people like me and Nick have been, had his company not as "wealthy". Unlike us, Countrywide got a big Piece of the bailout cash if they needed it. All we asked for a break was that we said not likely.

Our house is now worth less than the Half of what we bought for her. Instead of helping us wait from now Countrywide apparently prefer to Nick and I finally give up. This time, unlike the bankruptcy process, which brought many tears to the eyes, we decided it just not worth it. We have now planned or future, with cold and calculated resolve. When the time comes, we are on our loans (or, as I Standard grant, we desperately need the protection we), and when a foreclosure takes us inevitably, we leave our home and never look back. And chalk it learned as a painful lesson.

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