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As a real estate investor, you're probably aware of how dramatically the Internet changed the way you live your life. While you are probably a variety of sites, you regularly to lose information, news, and entertainment will be there for seven Web sites that your work easier – and more profitable:

· Hendricks & Partner – you might want to look into a crystal ball and see what are the future for an area in which you are considering investing holds? Jon Hendricks & Partner, now you can. You provide free market segment information for selected U.S. cities and regions, the most important economic data, Income, unemployment rate, show, among other important details. Knowledge is power, invest in real estate, and Hendricks & Partners provides enough power on hand that can help You decide whether a field sense to invest – whether that area is in town or across the country.

· Pacer – If you are in the foreclosure market, you understand how important it is fast foreclosure filings. Pacer is the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the listing of foreclosure filings. You can search for recent filings several ways that can find you a jumpstart on the competition. Motivated homeowners often choose to work with the first qualified investors to contact them. Pacer can help you to be the first – it's up to you to be the best.

· – with a rough estimate of what as investment property could be worth at your fingertips can help you quickly, if a potentially held as investment property is worth dipping into decisions – or should be skipped are completely out. can give you free comps and appreciate the value of a property within seconds. While they do not replace, due diligence, you can be a rough estimate that can accelerate your decision, look at what properties. With so many homeowners looking for quick solutions that can This tool helps you pull the trigger quickly when it makes sense – or walk if it does not.

· – you have a website that will be updated need an article or eBook that needs to be written, or you are looking for the perfect virtual assistant to help you close more deals? If any of these apply to you, Elance is the perfect site for you. Membership is free, just for your project and select the bidder with the qualifications and proposal you like the best. Elance makes it possible to remotely get more done and escrow system that enables you and your provider are working on your project to your To guarantee satisfaction while facilitating the provider concerns that they be paid at the end of the project.

· Google Picasa – When dozens have – or even hundreds – of taking photos up valuable space on your hard drive, you are only too aware of how difficult it can be pictures of properties that you own or purchase in be interested organize. Google's free Picasa software will help you organize all the photos on your hard drive so you can locate the photo you within seconds.

· Windows Live Maps – Have you ever wish you knew the layout of the neighborhood, not in the car and battle traffic all the way to get through the city? Windows Live Maps can visual information on a PC so you can see the layout of the neighborhood and compare the proximity of a possible investment attractions, schools, shopping centers, etc. Through small details like these, you can decide whether an investment is a bad idea, a good idea – or a good idea.

· Microsoft OneNote – If you put as many investors as an organization in question can, Microsoft OneNote just what the doctor ordered has. It is an electronic notebook, so you can properties that organize themselves in a notebook, and create other notebooks – and pages – depending on your requirements . correspond You can decide, a separate notebook for properties you have to think about the purchase. The beauty of OneNote is that you all details about keep the accommodation to your fingertips, you can scan legal documents from handwritten notes, photographs – even audio files. If you have a relatively new computer, it is probably already on your system if you use Microsoft Office applications. These tools will not make you an overnight investment success. What it will do however, is Helping them to organize themselves better, to research properties and even more done. The time savings will help you improve your focus and close more deals. Closing Deals is the name of the game. These tools will help you win the game by ensure that the quality they offer. Put them to work and see how much faster You can reach your goal.

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Peter Vekselman has been involved in over 1000 successful real estate deals in his 10 year career in real estate. He now teaches hundreds of individuals throughout the US on how to put real estate deals together (

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com7 Free and Low Cost Web Tools to Make Investing Easier

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