online bankruptcy courses

online bankruptcy courses
To receive notice of the Chapter 7 case closed without a discharge as a debtor does not file the official Form 23,?

To receive notice completion of the Chapter 7 case, without relief as a debtor does not file the official Form 23,? Certification of completion of debtor intructional course about personal financial management. I reported bankruptcy court hearing in February 2009 and was the 6th March 2009. I took the online course the same day as court proceedings. I still have the certificate of 6 March 09 Sun 21st received notice September 2009. Communication of 17 September 2009. When I ask the bankruptcy court tomorrow, with a copy of the certificate what will become of me and my case? Will I have to pay any money? If the case is completely closed? Please help I need answers.

Did you or your lawyer file the form 23? It is your responsibility to the debtor does not CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION OF POST PETITION ON Instructional Course personal financial management Link to the form to be submitted, filed with the court, if you use this form to the court 23 should have received a copy for your records, the form will changed to each of the following aspects of the debtor, including both spouses in a joint case, a separate registration file and the certificate number of the certificate on the conclusion, the debtor issued by an approved personal financial advisor. The form is also amended to clarify deadlines for submission delegate the authorization in cases under Chapters 7 and 13 and to the debtor that the form is not used to count the certificate of the debtor's prepetition credit counselor made available to file.

Facing Foreclosure – The Cure

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