gm bankruptcy terms

gm bankruptcy terms
When would be a good time to buy GM stock?

Since GM is in bankruptcy, I read that it's going only for the "short-term be nationalized. "So, they should figure that I hope some decent money away if the Government are taken. What is your opinion?

GM is over 70% of the U.S. government to be controlled (aka the Treasury – includes Canadian participation). They are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, does not per se Nationalization. It is interesting to note that in a matter of less than 9 months, which the U.S. government now controls what was: 1 79% of the largest insurance companies the world – (AIG 2.) 80% of the world's largest mortgage lender – (FNM / FRE) 3. 46% of the world's largest bank – (Citibank) (C) 3. 70% of the largest Auto manufacturers around the world, – (GM). Shall I go? Please follow this Yahoo! A link to the answer: GM Post # 56, 06-01-2009 "Would it be a good idea, GM has now buy? Under the assumption that GM will make a comeback. "Http: / / / question / index? Qid = 20090601191551AAlitXz GM Post # 57, 06-01-2009" Since the Bankruptcy of General Motors is now my shares worthless? "Http: / / / question / index; _ylt = AggorGucOEto0IbkF6qFXgvsy6IX; _ylv = 3? Qid = 20090601194531AA6nxef & Show = 7 # profile-info-GM AA11448252 Post # 53, 06-01-2009 – very detailed answer. "Would you buy GM right now?" Http: / / / & question / index? 20090601142238AATON23 qid = r = w # BaN_M2D0AnhGUqjJm65y I have 12 months of postings related to GM for my opinions, and none of them favorable to GM, so we are here today (see the above links above additional GM postal history see links) This GM post # 58 <06/01/2009> is

Financial English Vocabulary Lesson for ESL: GM Bankruptcy

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