exempt bankruptcy property

exempt bankruptcy property
I can pose a threat to file for bankruptcy in the negotiations with creditors file?

It's an empty threat, because although I'm not really needed. I try a $ 1300 debt for $ 900 to negotiate – $ 1000. I want to threaten bankruptcy as a bargaining chip, but this is a good decision? That would My line: "I am familiar with the law and know that I am" judgment-proof. If I file for bankruptcy, I will claim any property as exempt, and if you sue and obtain a ruling that you could collect not even one of my property to the ruling needs. "Will this help? Does that hurt? More tips? Is there anything else I can use as leverage? Some background info: I am not dealing with collection agencies, so that it did not get too out of hand. I have over $ 30K in debt ($ 20K student loan, $ 10K credit cards). I work for part-time but is now, if I find work I will make $ 35 – $ 40K entry-one years in my area. Thank you!

Here is a sentence from one of my favorite sources. "I want the threat of bankruptcy? Use the risk of insolvency. It will be in your best interest if the creditor believes that you have very little money and poised on the brink of bankruptcy. You should approach each creditor as though it's their last Chance of a compromise, and some of your debt before filing for bankruptcy, and they get nothing. Be careful if you do this, however. If you collect any more debt after Indication of this to the creditor, (and they write you) all your correspondence and phone calls, you can not in a position to discharge these debts in bankruptcy. "http://www.creditinfocenter.com/debt/settle_debts.shtml

Bankruptcy – The Property You Get to Keep

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