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Is my 401K exempt from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

I have a 401K and my employer has an employee stock option program in which I am a part, depending on how well the company does, and my income. 2008 is my first year that I will vest and it is 20%. If these two free? I can not even touch my ESOP, until I am at least 55 years old.

It is not "free" from the listed in your bankruptcy paperwork (all debts and assets must be on your highway 13 Dates) are listed, but are usually qualified retirement used to be rid of her, to satisfy creditors. The concept of "liberation" is relevant for Ch 7 13. as Ch In Chapter 7, your assets are liquidated to pay creditors, but you may be retained everything that "free" (from winding up) after liberation in your state. In Ch 13, as future income and is not used as short-term assets to repay creditors, basically nothing is liquidated, creditors paid, so that the concept of "liberation" does not really apply. The only place a "liberation" comes into play in Chapter 13 is that the law requires that creditors of the wind rose for your no worse off under highway 13, when she would have been if you signed was Ch 7 instead. Thus, your attorney must find out what your exceptions would have been "if you had filed for Ch 7, to show that your creditors do not are worse off, if you file 13-Ch. In the general part of the income derived by a qualified retirememt program (ie, interest income, etc.) and back into the pension scheme is not considered "income" when determining what you have been plowed back into Chapter 13 must.

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