does bankruptcy affect my spouse

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I am planning on getting married, I have bad credit, he has a perfect credit, will it affect my credit?

Years ago I ruined my credit card and my fiance is perfect credit, we are planning to get married soon and I do not know if my credit history will affect him, and I need to know also if I after bankruptcy our wedding, it is required to be adversely affected him in any way. I have no other choice than bankruptcy, I have looked into all the other options that I need in order to legal aspects of debt and marriage to know, plus if I File Bankruptcy Will we ever be able to a house to buy, even if he is the only one on the loan or do I need it because I Spouse wants to be made?

It really depends on state law. Please speak with a bankruptcy attorney before getting married and filing. Most states do not interfere with his credit card …. but then you have community property states like California and Texas, the very different rules. A bankruptcy is your credit for ten years But after two years of discharge, you can still buy a house. He can buy a house on his own, but both married parties must sign the documents for the sale (dowry Rights). In the future, try to save, preserve, insurance and credit-use wisely. I wish you all the best for your future! Good luck!

Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer in Charlotte NC – How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse?

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