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(This article is not intended to teach people to hack, but rather to inform the ordinary people, such as "stay safe" on the Internet)

I'm going to talk about the pros and cons of 2 of the most visited sites on the Internet, LinkedIn and LinkedIn is a great place to quickly expand your "business partners", because many people simply connect to their e-mail address for any contact with them "their network." You could definitely make some good contacts with certain companies, or even about open positions because many people, other related or vouch for its Experience, which means that they may owe you a favor rather later – like in the Godfather:) But the problem with leaving your website address so is each a Fake in "Join my network" question (which is how the same desire to see the victim linked, has seen more than 300 other times), and pretty much trick the user into clicking on a link that can really any number of things that look like, by sending an e-mail, how it actually came from a valid LinkedIn users. To give you a scenario – if I look to do so, that would automatically link basic exploits or vulnerabilities in your browser (probably Internet Explorer users, right?) and then use it with some new day 0 (to use again, without using patches yet) or another thats been around for a while.

This will allow use Send me more control over your computer, I could even download more code from a server on the Internet on your computer to send spam or DDoS attacks. I could Search your machine for personal information such as login information, credit card numbers # s, contacts and other personal information, I am sure everyone gets the idea. So what could be done to protect themselves? So if you do not surf on your company security policy, random websites, and you have your own PC, would I do not go to this site, including sites like MySpace or Megaupload. At a minimum, receive, sign up for LinkedIn and accept your invitations Peoples Network connect from here, NOT a request from an e-mail accept your personal e-mail address that you are on LinkedIn, to add it to your network.

Ever heard of Megaupload? It is placed in the top 100 most visited sites on the Internet. You can load as much stuff on their servers as you want (such as files too large to be sent by e-mail), and have other people to download it if they want (just send them a link), and the service is free. Could also be a public FTP server (unlimited bandwidth courtesy of Megaupload) is used. It also bypasses users to send attachments via e-mail (Corporate User Just can check their e-mail to violate security policy, by simply someone a link to their multimedia download). Security managers need to pace around like animals in cages kept, but at least it is a signature for this activity, if your with a good intrusion detection system as Hackertrap Secnap's.

The moral of this Story is that theres an abundance of valuable sites, there will only be careful how you

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