credit repair companies in texas

credit repair companies in texas

Are almost 99% of households in the United States has purchased have to mortgage financing. Since almost all mortgage lenders use credit scores to credit approval to meet borrowers with poor credit can be denied by a creditor or, as loan terms that are not as favorable as those borrowers who have good credit. The better the credit score, the better the interest rate and the terms of the loan may have. In five simple steps you can take your bad credit improvement in preparation for the purchase of your home.

Obtain a copy of your credit report before applying for a loan  Â

You may not be from what shows up on your known credit report. In order to know the situation, you should be dealing with and what do you have set, the first step make the application for a mortgage loan is applied for and a credit report from each of the three rating agencies, TransUnion to obtain, Experian and Equifax. You can Copy of your credit report by phone, fax or online. Â To all the economic information, it is important that you carefully examine the information. Go Line by line looking for the accuracy of the information listed and all negative credit, late payments, non-payments, discharges and amortization. Highlight or brand elements that require attention.

Make sure that for each credit report, because the information may vary from credit bureau agency can. If you marked any of the points on each of the credit reports, write a letter to each of the credit agencies to dispute any of the negative or inaccurate items on your credit report . yours Enter a full explanation of why these items should be taken from your credit report, it is not you. or inaccurate information  Feedback

Take Action to Improve Your Credit Rating  Â

It is also urgently needed to address the negative, but accurate, items on your credit report. These items can be late payments, unpaid payments, and items in the collection. Contact any of the creditors and collection agencies Dealing with the bad debt. Talk to them to see what kind of agreement you are working with them, either pay the debt in full or in payments to begin to repay debt. It is important to remember that the need to take what precautions you with the creditors in written form, and you need it remain. For example, if you say you go up to $ 25 per week to pay a debt, then it is imperative that you pay $ 25 per week. All disputed items removed from the rating agencies, a new credit report trigger will be sent to you. Since these negative elements disappear, your credit score up, improving your credit and it prepares you for buying a house.

If you act now, if you find that at home you can qualify for your mortgage without any problems.

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