claim bankruptcy online

claim bankruptcy online
Can I file for bankruptcy if a scam left me with the responsibility for the payment of money?

January 2005 I bought a new car. My grandfather signed with me. Later, I could no longer afford the car. I have an ad on the Internet ( and got an email from a colleague who as a car broker. I was so desperate to get rid of this car. I emailed him back and agreed that his client was able to buy it. I sold the car for 11,000 online. Messrs. (the deceiver) sent me an e-mail that he would send me a check for 19,000, was the extra money for shipping the car, where his client lived. said. Check that was sent me fake. The kicker is, I sent him the rest of the 7-8,000 that was for "transit" purposes, and now the bank holding me responsible for the money I wired the scammers. I had to give the car back on the bench. I owe to the Bank 6 grand for the car and another 6 grand for the money that swindlers took me. may the great for the 6 $ tricked into bankruptcy? (i will be paid off) some of these accounts

Hello, I'm so sorry you cheated. I had a car on Auto Trader and someone tries the same thing. I was not in danger, for fraud, but I thought Auto Trader have here a much more active approach to warn its customers about the scams. The first thing I do not think you need to file for bankruptcy. While it might seem at a quick solution, it is not real. Sorry to preach, but this is an important time for you. You have to decide whether you want to step up and take responsibility and do what is best for you, grandfather, and the Bank to make or what I think is yet another error log and bankruptcy. And sorry to say, you should have never had your grandfather co-sign with you. One must wonder whether you took advantage of his desire to help? Now his credit is damaged. You are receiving this, developed confidence in me. Now, it is not a week or a few phone calls. Get everything in writing. 1. File a police report. They were the victims of serious crimes. The police can not help you with the money of the page but that the police report serves as legeal documentation of the facts. They should also interview the bank employees and perhaps Contact Auto Trader. You need to write the phone, a waste of time. Start a file. Keep all your paperwork. Document and encourages all you need to contact. Contact a local legal aid society and see if they can help you write a few letters. Auto Trader and write the facts that you believe that they will not notify you, how often and regularly This type of fraud occurs. As for the bank, if you passed the exam, they have asked you questions about the check? I think that is the Bank. They are well informed about should such fraud and able to identify a countfiet checked. With regard to your account, they know this is a non-standard transaction, and with a phone call They easily have checked the control had been falsified. You have to give you the name of the compliance officer of the bank, so they know what happened. Your goal is it is that they cheated extinction and the amount you pay can not balance on the car away for so many months. If they sold the car, they will be earned on the account balance be applied, and so by getting what they do. It should be less than 6k. Take care. PS. go to perhaps some information to help you

Bankruptcy Questions : Can I File for Bankruptcy for Free?

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