bankruptcy vs short sale

bankruptcy vs short sale
when it comes to bankruptcy vs. foreclosure vs. short sale goes IN REM?

No one understand or know anything about it? Registration in Chapter 7 soon and tries to screen all these conditions and possibilities, so I dont let me confuse too many lawyers.

A short sale is an attempt to reconcile the bank, an amount of less accept as full payment received for the loan as full satisfaction of the debt. Different lenders have different requirements, not simply assume the bank will accept a short sale offer, because someone made such an offer. Go ask your bank first. An exclusion is a (mostly) judicial Sell your mortgaged property. Title comes from you, the successful bidder at sale a sheriff, who can then distribute it, if you choose not to voluntarily on the property to leave. In Rem is a term of art, the legal means, if your lender is the exemption imposed by the automatic stay by filing for bankruptcy, it can go with the foreclosure and sale of the property alone, but the creditor is not in a position to go after you personally for any deficiencies of court if the property is sold. But your bankruptcy lawyer will go in a better position in real detail on this.

Bankruptcy, Choreography and FHA in a short sale

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