bankruptcy tampa

bankruptcy tampa
Why did you move the Coyotes when the Florida Panthers?

I know that they are in bankruptcy, but you take a look at the Florida Panthers fan base when she went to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Colorado Avalanche, they had no support. Plus there is a team north of them that the battle in Florida as well in the Tampa Bay Lightning, I always say the coyotes stay and move the Panthers. * As a side note, the Panthers had a poorer record participation, although it ranked 25th and Coyotes are ranked 29th The Coyotes had a 85% fan attendance and the Panthers with 81% due to the size of the arena. Yes, that's true, but I want the visitor to see the year when the Florida Panthers to the Stanley Cup finals if they are over 15, you have proved me wrong, but as of now, I'm not convinced familiar with the franchise, if they succeed, they have a good fan base I do not think Florida can bear to say the same.

Ok Patrick, I am a Panthers fan. When Bob stated that we have spikes in the presence here and there. But I can tell you, the Panthers are not everywhere. The team is making money, not lose any. "The fans strong foundation and more are in line. Many of ad revenue from themselves as well. I do not have the figures for the playoff years, but I can tell you that tickets could come by. They had too much support, I should know I was there. They were sold out the building through the playoffs and all but a few games next season too. That was in the old Miami Arena (an awful part of town to this). The new arena is much larger and more beautiful and a good part of the city town in Sunrise, in Broward County. The Panthers are not fighting to stay here. They do just fine

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Reduced Circumstances

Reduced Circumstances


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