bankruptcy process in california

bankruptcy process in california
Can debt be collected after 2005, not when you register for bankruptcy?

I used to live in California and am the State from the line. Does anyone know the Collection process? I'm the collector had received 4 years, solved the debt or not at all.

Collectors may continue to collect forever. But they can not complain that you passed the requirement of the statute of limitations for your state – that is probably the 4-year period, you have heard in the CA. Other states have different statutes of limitations, so depending on where you move, they can continue in the position for you, having to sue you. You can also not Credit Bureau reporting more than 7 years and 180 days after the first delinquency was on the account. But you can always be denied, that the lender of loans, if Do not pay you. And they can still call you and ask you to pay until you write and request that all contact will be only by e-mail.

UPDATE|General Motors on the Brink of Bankruptcy

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