bankruptcy payment priorities

bankruptcy payment priorities
Financial priorities?

My income is less than my monthly expenses. I always pay my mortgage, and ulitilities and food because if all else fails, I pull at least have a roof over my head and my children food in the stomach. But my car and credit cards – I pay for some of this Month and then next month I'll be the one that I pay not paid in that month. Of course, I'm getting nowhere, and there is no end in sight. I have tried to to get a second job, but then increase my spending on child care and again I was not so on. I'm beginning to think maybe I should be taking into account Bankruptcy? My credit is already ruined it, I begin to think that I do not have much to lose.

You really need to get financial advice. Avoid the rip off places that are no more than fronts for structured bankruptcy. Take a look at the Dave Ramsey site, and Howard Clark website. There is some good information to find. Dave Ramsey has a pretty good radio talk show, should try to contact. They have dug themselves a hole that is difficult to get out than it is to get out of hell. I know from personal experience. Avoid bankruptcy if you can. A charge is made much worse than a structured settlement. Do you have your creditors to? You absolutely necessary! You can probably get, sank, and reduce your mortgage interest, the interest burden through negotiations with the credit card company.

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