bankruptcy or foreclosure first

bankruptcy or foreclosure first
Through a medical problem I had bankruptcy (exclusion) in 2006, what can I do to that file again?

My husband is underemployed, and I collecting SSI, while looking for work. We need the children of 12 and 14, living month to month without a fortune. Will I ever own home? I signed up with multiple surveys, but for various reasons, I could not complete many of them. I would be 90% finished and could not before. Thank you But – I will try your site!

If your income and Down are liable to you for HUD loans granted for 2-3 years after the bankruptcy. Of course with her husband unemployed, it will be difficult. This bad economy can not last forever. Many people find it advantageous to return to school during an economic downturn. If you find a job anyway, or it could improve your skills, you can run the floor when hit places start hiring again. You and / or your husband may qualify for various funding programs, vocational rehabilitation programs or stimulus package at your local scholarships technical or community college, which may make it possible to provide very low cost.

Me in Bankruptcy stay hearing -FORECLOSURE FRAUD 1

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