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Bleak and gloomy. The economic news is not only depressing, it's downright scary.

Hard to be optimistic when, with headlines faces that scream about business, and even respect, now declaring bankruptcy, giant company is rescued by the government and lay-offs every day.

Retail stores are pretty empty other than some of the deep discounters. The labor market is almost non-existent. People are comparing our current economic situation until 1929. Not a pretty picture.

As those of us who are small business owners keep our minds us? More importantly, what can we do so that we survive?

Here are some tactics that can help:

 • Keep a positive attitude.

Remember that our markets fluctuate cyclically. The economy is recovering. The chances are that things look very different six months from now.

 • Stay focused.

Do not lose sight of your marketing goals. While you may have to do some tweaking (one of the benefits of being a small business owner), you should not change your look. If you were one of your goals this year has become known as an industry expert, there is no Why you should not pursue this goal.

 • Get you creative juices flowing.

Think about how your Experience might be useful for other companies. Call reporters and offer your services as an industry resource. Leave to offer a tip sheet. Journalists are strapped and work harder than ever before. They welcome resources that can help them do their job faster. You can also write articles and send them online. Or a blog. Or Twitter. Just do something!

 • Make sure that your customer service is excellent.

We often hear that I white. But if you look around the company that goes well, even though the economy, the chances are that their service is exemplary. I do not know how it goes for you, but I'd rather pay more and more a get great service than pay less for lousy results.

For example, I understand a client whose prices are competitive with others in the industry. But their customer care is so outstanding that they have a great year so far. Of course, we ensure that we so that everyone on their great service to know which leads to the next proposal ….

 • Take advantage of the low-cost marketing tools.

Testimonials are one of the best ways to market your business … if you're big or small …. provide especially for those of you who services. Consider You, as a doctor or a lawyer or a babysitter … someone who comes to your home, plays a role in your medical care or taking care of your Family. To do a phone book? If you have even a! Or do you have to call a friend you trust or to a listserv, where you get good advice in the past?

People to receive feedback from other people. Ads can see, however, create word-of-mouth that has much more power. And certificates can be used to will produce big WOM. My clients who do make good use of references in its marketing. And it requires only a phone call or an email, a customer asked for feedback, then ask if it ok to use their quote in your marketing.

 • Get up to speed on social networking, social media, social marketing.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are three tools that do not you afford to ignore if you go in today's business world to be successful. Yes, some people are intimidated by anything "new" but are not these the people I talk to right now. YOU want to be successful! Therefore, you should be articles like this one read. To expand a bit and see what's happening online. You will not regret it.

These are just some examples of what you can do, but I guarantee, that if you try, you will not be sorry. Not content with surviving. Go for flourishing.

If you are, I want to hear about it. Send me an email at or on Twitter at

Rickey Gold & Associates is a small, savvy Chicago-based marketing communications firm. They craft marketing messages that turn prospects into clients….and keep them coming back. Visit them online at:

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