bankruptcy information florida

bankruptcy information florida
Has anyone filed bankruptcy recently, has in Florida?

My husband and I separated recently and due to financial problems such as bankruptcy. I feel me as if we are eaten alive by debt. We have a house with no equity, no equity, two vehicles, and about 60,000 U.S. dollars in debts (including those not at home) and vehicles. Currently we are not behind payments, but we live credit card. Our income is not related to our current Bills. I understand that you can keep your house and vehicles if you file for bankruptcy. If you recently about this, I would any information or insight into the bankruptcy proceedings appreciate to know.

If you are serious, you should contact an attorney. Many times you will be the first consultation free of charge or for a fixed fee. In most Cases you can keep cars and homes, you will be required, however, to reaffirm the debt and to continue to pay your monthly payments. For specific information about Florida, check out the following …

Miami Florida Attorney Foreclosure bankruptcy Information

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