bankruptcy discharge date

bankruptcy discharge date
Bankruptcy and buying a home in 5 years after the file date?

Was filed In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy 5 years ago, and was rewarded, and the courts Issue you a satisfactory report, and there is the creditiors are all paid and bankruptcy has been completed and is satisfactory, and they will reimburse you for the Payment, what does this mean? If the bankruptcy on last? My friend is in the process of buying a home, has been approved and 100% is that really possible, with a Chapter 13? And it wasn't a waiting period of 2 years? And why the banks must accept the courts letter, paid to the bankruptcy and in a zero balance? Dont they need discharge papers, too? Now she has good credit, they worked hard, from the filing date 5 years ago and has a good job (If 13 years) in the same job all right, a mortgage bank ? look any help is great

The better mortgage programs funded a former bankrupt 2 years from the date of the file. In a chpt 13 Submission of insolvency should not are required. If your friend restore credit without crime and a good debt ratio, it is very possible they would for a 100% financing be approved. The lender would not need the discharge papers, as long as the Credit Bureau has improved its public register of bankruptcies, is closed to it. Basically one need only ask for the discharge papers, if there is a problem, as debts are not included in the reporting on the bankruptcy declaration. There are other programs, finance the mortgage to 1 day out of bankruptcy, but at a higher interest rate.

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