bankruptcy code 522

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Can someone explain to me, some of the things in BANKRUPTCY CLAIM?

On completing bankruptcy forms for chapter 7 and I do not understand some of the terms and what should I fill them? For example: The Official Form 1 VOLUNTARY PETITION PAGE 2: 1) What is the Code 342 (b)? 2) What is the consumer debt?. SCHEDULE C. PROPERTY CLAIM as exempt What is the difference between 11 USC $ 522 (b) (2) and 11 USC $ 522 (b) (3)? SCHEDULE E CREDITORS HOLDING What is contingent examination, Priority claims? APPENDIX Q What is Non Priority Claims? SCHEDULE G What are executory contracts and Unexpired Lease? Official Form 7 STATEMENT OF FINANCE: ITEM 6: What is Assignments and receiver internship? ITEM 13: What is netting? Official form was 8 IS 11 USC $ 722 and $ 11 USC 524 (c)? ———————————– ————— ————— —————

Hello, I'm sorry to say that you can get that answer legal services for which a lawyer in trouble for giving you represent would (if they are not admitted to practice in the jurisdiction where you live). However, you can try googling some of these concepts and see if you come, you can use your own answers. Big warning if the new bankruptcy law is somewhat complicated (deliberately). You should think about saving money and hiring a lawyer or a bankruptcy receive service in the preparation of the filling of the forms. You may have no legal counsel, or it comes before the court for You, but you can save it, "some" money. If you need to be change, you will probably have to pay more. In Usually, when you are single, and a $ 35,000 per year or more, you should talk to a lawyer in the event that you do not have the resources to test themselves.


Title 11: Bankruptcy 521-523 (notes 1-274) (United States Code Service)

Title 11: Bankruptcy 521-523 (notes 1-274) (United States Code Service)

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