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Nobody is owed by free, but people with impulsive behaviors and compulsive buyers are falling the most in large amounts of debt. After this is done, specialized agencies to begin the collection process.

The most common collectors are attorneys who collect on a regular basis, debt. After in 1986 an amendment to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, said attorneys are considered debt collectors.

Now we know who the collector. Who is the debtor? A Person who:

– Owe a personal loan

– Use a credit card (we assume that excessive use)

– Is actually paying a home loan (home mortgage)

Under the law, such as accounting work process work?
The collection Responsibility rests on the hands of the Attorney General-designate. As he collects money from the debtor and his responsibility. No violent means will be allowed. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act calls for fair treatment to a debtor. Lawyers can not every method to collect the threat of money in the game.

Can harass a lawyer collection agency or me?
According to the law is not a lawyer or a collection agency to harass debtors. According to the law, any debt collectors do not practice the threat of No violence or harm a limited debtor. Collection agencies are prohibited to publish a debtor's name in public, nor can They harass debtors by telephone. People should know that the law is on their side.

Debt collectors are not likely:

– Raise an amount larger than the original debt

– Prior to filing a post-monitoring of

– Set themselves as state employees

– Take Your house or property, or threaten to do so.

– False information about government policy

– Forcing you to accept calls

Always, If a debt collector braking the law by practicing any of these activities may have serious punishment. You can also sue these lawyers, and you have one years time to start the process. After winning the action, you recover the money because all the damage suffered. You can also obtain court costs and attorney's fees. The law can protect you from harassment by lawyers, but it will not prevent you pay your debts.

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