bankruptcy after divorce

bankruptcy after divorce
Should I divorce before filing for bankruptcy?

I have a credit card, which I shared with my wife. its about 10,000 to her credit is not perfect to me so good. but I want to file for bankruptcy. I want to know how bad would that effect your credit score and they can recover. I was a divorce and you accept I will file charges, or should I just file independently.

I think it depends on how set up the credit card. Are you the owner of the Main card and only one user? If that is the case, I do not know think they will be affected at all by the insolvency. If the card is in her name with you as a user, You can not file backruptcy it. If you're a nice guy and do not want you, they are involved in this sordid mess to wait only until after the divorce to be sure … unless you just can not wait to aford. Check with your bankruptcy lawyer if you need answers. My ex filed bankruptcy as a revenge tactic and it failed miserably. He claimed to have had all sorts of stuff, if I, if he would seize declared bankruptcy in the hope that the Fed will be everything and we (kids & I) homeless and powerless. It was an eerie battle and I was an innocent bystander, that my Livelihood & defend their property. He had almost to prison for his dirty games. Whatever you do … get it right and they do not get involved if you can help. Life is hard enough as it is! Good luck to ya!

How To Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy, Divorce, Or Other Life Changing Events

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