2009 bankruptcy institute

2009 bankruptcy institute

Many companies suffer through bankruptcy and liquidation of their accounts have been misplaced. An accountant has an important role in an organization since the money management is a key task in addition to keeping proper accounting records for each activity. The reasons why a company needs an accountant are many and the following are some of them:

Accountants make sure that financial statements in accordance with recognized international standards (IAS). Preparation and presentation the financial statements following a series of accounting standards which are accepted worldwide. An accountant will ensure that such standards are met, while creating and submission of annual accounts will be done. This will ensure that the figures presented in the financial statements, the exact financial position of the company.

Controlling use of resources is another task of the accountant in a company. Develop a system of internal control is the responsibility of the auditor. The system will prevent and combat the misuse or misappropriation of money into a company. There are guidelines for the operations are to be treated by blocking any Avenue for embezzling the funds could be used. Internal controls really help businesses to specific goals, objectives and tasks. Cash control systems are essential controls that the companies have to evolve. The auditor plays an important role in the achievement of this company.

The Another important reason why a company needs an accountant for tax purposes. Tax planning enables the company a plan for the expected revenue in the to develop the following years. The plans may in the management of money in a way that it maximizes support for tax benefits. The advantages of this well less time in the taxation process and the leisure in concentrating on other income-generating activities. The timely submission of the tax also helps the business in the avoidance of penalties for late payments, which saves some money for the company. The company will also be able to avoid overpayment of taxes, which means that they will have no money that is tied to the refund of taxes.

Budgeting with forecasts of the revenue is able to provide sufficient by auditors. The result is the fact that the auditors have extensive knowledge of the operational costs and the currents business mail revenue. The above method of forecasting, plus budgeting allow companies to projections of revenues in the formulation of the near future. These formulations can a hand to lend the company, its growth forecasts in addition to the Planning Institute of depending on the disorders that may be expected cash flows to occur. This practice is grounded in the rule on the concept of a "going concern, which is part of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles" that every Tax consultant is obliged to follow in the accounting profession.

The discussion shows that an accountant is essential in any organization because they ensure that cash flow will be monitored closely. It is presumed that the person who manages the control of the money is usually the whole thing. It makes sense, since profit maximization is the main goal of most companies and that might be difficult to achieve without an accountant to control the funds. Consequently, successful companies are those that The auditors have.

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Nuts and Bolts of Corporate Bankruptcy 2009 (Commercial Law and Practice Course Handbook Series)

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